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1191: No Bloat Diet, Excess Hair Growth, Earthing, Ulcer Fix, Menopausal Muscle, Sahara Dust (HouseCall)

Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today's questions: 

Kaitlin: Hi Dr. Cabral, I’m a lost 22 year old college student. I have had lots of issues for about 5 years now. It started with pain in my upper abdomen, bloating, and constipation after I ate. Lasted on and off for 4 years, then suddenly the pain went away and bloating and constipation remained with no change in diet or supplementation. I was diagnosed with IBS about a year ago and have been trying to follow the Low FODMAP diet however I am still experiencing low energy, tiredness, brain fog, and am unable to lose weight even though I eat very well (in school for nutrition) and workout frequently. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge!

Anastasia: Hello Dr Cabral :) I have a question about a sensitive topic and something I’m pretty ashamed about. I’m a 24 year old female with excess hair growth on my nipples, the chest area between my breasts, my stomach and some annoying hairs on my neck. Naturally I’m incredibly embarrassed and don’t feel very feminine. This also really takes it’s on toll on me mentally. I’ve had some pretty dark days. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember from puberty. My mother, sister and other female members in my family also have it. Years ago when I was 15ish I had the ultrasound to see if I had PCOS and it came back with nothing because I didn’t have any cysts on my ovaries, but obviously I am pretty clued up now and realise that you don’t have to have cysts on the ovaries to have PCOS. I’m planning on doing the adrenal hormone test soon to check everything that could be going on, but I guess what I would like to know is there anyway to help reduce the hair growth through diet etc? Like is it actually possible or will I be stuck with it forever? :( I get laser/IPL treatment on the areas which I’m sure isn’t great for me, but I have some serious confidence and body image issues from it so I have to do something to make myself feel better. Thank you so much for all that you do for this community. I can’t tell you how much I have learnt since discovering you! You are an incredible human being.

James: Hi. I just watched 1 of your podcasts, it was about 2 &1/2 hours long, very interesting. You mentioned many things, but when you mentioned the sympathetic and parasympathetic mode and 1 of the guys in podcast asked you best ways to get into parasympatic mode you did not mention something that I have been doing now for about a year. Have you tried or ever heard of earthing? It is amazing, and amazingly simply, its simply that we rarely have skin contact with the negative ions of the earth. Just being grounded, changes our bodys mode from sympathetic mode to parasympathetic, it lowers your heart rate, it thins the blood, there are over 21 studies about this. They had a study where at penn state hospital they even grounded Premature babies in incubaters and found what great health effects it had on them including improved vagal tone.

Dawn: I have what seems to be something like an ulcer that won’t heal. It is always in the same spot and when I’m eating very healthy it don’t feel it as much, but coffee, processed foods ect make it burn. It isn’t an excruciating pain but just a minor burning sensation all the time. What worries me the most is it’s been a year now without it healing. I’m also not sure if it is in fact an ulcer. I went to regular doctors and they gave my antacids and they didn’t work at all, I was tested by breath and stool for hpylori and both negetive. I had an ultrasound of my abdomen and nothing showed up. I went to a naturopath and they kind of brushed me off just saying it probably inflammation. I am 35, healthy, eat well besides some occasional flex meals. Do you know what it could be and other possibilities? and what would be the best tests to find out? Thank you so much!

Mary: Dr. Cabral, Thank you for your very interesting and informative podcasts. I am very interested in learning how the change in hormones after menopause affects the ability to build muscle. I know we start losing muscle at a certain age, but is there a way to train specifically to combat any hormone changes that may limit how much muscle we are able to build. Is it just about nutrition and strength training consistency, or is there more we as women can do to combat the negative affects of aging on muscle growth? I have been somewhat successful at the age of 55,(I have been trying for 40c 30f 30p macros) but I would really like to learn what is going on within the female body at a later age that may limit us and ways to possibly combat it.Thank you!

Darrell: Hey Dr Cabral. I'm not personally affected by the Sahara Dust but my friends and some family members are. It exacerbates sinus issues, nasal allergies, asthma etc. Are there any recommendations you have to deal with this? We're in the Caribbean region and this is a regular issue. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Keep up good work


Thank you for tuning into today's Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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