"Carpe Diem" with Lisa McDonald


Thank you for visiting my host page! I'm a Canadian author and speaker. Please join me every week as I share how I approach life, love, and work with gratitude, enthusiasm, and hope. After spending twenty years in public service careers and charity work, I gave up my burgeoning career to reinvent myself as an author, and I've flourished beyond my wildest dreams! I'm sure you've been told your dream was impossible, just like I have. And like everyone else, I've faced challenges and hard times, and I've crafted a path that others can follow, to transform your so-called impossible dreams into a concrete reality. I'd love to share my recipe for success with you, so tune in!


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Career Activism with Michelle Nadon

What does recruitment specialization, career strategy and media expertise all have in common? MICHELLE NADON! Michelle has two decades of successful longevity providing all these suites of services to the Canadian media, entertainment and cultural sectors! Golden nuggets of highly valuable tips can also be found in Michelle’s book, CAREERS AF!…New Rules…New Tools! A NOT TO BE MISSED SHOW onn C-Suite Radio / C-Suite Network! M. Michelle Nadon is a highly regarded recruitment specialist, career strategist and media instructor. She has provided state-of-the-art recruiting and career guidance to the Canadian media, entertainment and cultural sectors for nearly two decades. Nadon’s company www.mediaintelligence.ca links today’s businesses with top talent through innovative recruitment models and cutting-edge career enrichment programs. Her Book, CAREERS AF! is an essential guide book (and best bud!) for millennials, offering tips, scripts, dos, don’ts and strategies to help you keep your head above water when it feels like you’re sinking into unemployment oblivion. CAREERS AF! is your source for the newest rules and tools to make you job search-savvy, by branding your skills and knowledge, leveraging your network and contacts, and getting ahead of the process, rather than be victim to it! She lives north of Toronto with her beautiful German shepherd Stella, and spends all of her spare time, goodwill and company profits on animal rescue and animal advocacy. Get your copy of CAREERS AF! … New Rules…New Tools… by M. Michelle Nadon from most major online retailers including Amazon, Indigo, Barnes & Noble, FriesenPress Bookstore or your preferred eBook platform GooglePlay, Kobo, Nook and ITunes.
Uplifting you to fear less and to live more!
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