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Firmsconsulting maintains a 80% success rate at placing clients within McKinsey, BCG and Bain. This is the highest in the industry and the rate is higher if we include other firms. We achieve this rate because we only use former partners from McKinsey, BCG et al to develop our clients. This makes us unique. We never use analysts, associates, engagement managers or associate principals. We also carefully select and develop clients on their communication, image, technical and case interview skills.

All the techniques we teach are also used in our highly successful program "The Consulting Offer" where we take real students and train them for interviews, and publish all the videos online. In every season, the show has succeeded to place candidates.

This podcast channel describes our lessons from training our clients.


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330: How to Position an Online Degree?

Hi everyone, In this 330th and new episode of the Case Interview & Management Consulting complimentary podcast, audio version, we discuss how to position an online degree. We address what to consider if you are selecting an online degree to complete and what is important if you are in the process of completing an online degree. We also discuss 2 most important things to get an interview if you are trying to break into consulting with an online degree. This podcast is currently available on our new Apps in the complimentary section where NO subscription/membership is needed. Download our Apple and Android Apps, click on browse and scroll to the "Complimentary: no subscription needed" section. You will find the podcast under the "Case Interviews & Management Consulting" channel. If you find our podcasts useful, we would sincerely appreciate you leaving a genuine review for our Apps and/or iTunes channels. Although this may seem like a small step, these reviews will help us enormously. Our goal is to help our clients solve mankind's toughest problems. The simple step of leaving a genuine review will help us greatly in pursuing our mission. Thank you in advance. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on how to make the most of FC training or if you have any comments/feedback. Sincerely, Kris Partner [email protected] SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL UPDATES HERE & RECEIVE FREE CASE INTERVIEW TRAINING KEEP IN TOUCH: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn WANT TO LEARN FROM FORMER STRATEGY PARTNERS? REFER TO THE FIRMSCONSULTING ORIGINAL TRAINING PROGRAMS.