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A Chinese guy and a Jew walk into Star Wars Celebration III, become best friends, talk a lot about nerd things, make fun of really bad movies and over 10 years later decide to record a podcast. Chew On This is a weekly podcast that covers TV, movies, comics and all things "nerd." The views expressed on this podcast are of our own and have no affiliation with any studio, actor, director, producer, boom guy/girl, the guy/girl that gets you donuts, especially Disney because we don’t have enough money to cover legal bills. I mean, did you see our logo? It's stick figures. Also there will be lots of cursing. So over 18 is recommended because some of this shit is NSFW. Also, if you don’t like crude humor, stop listening. It’s that simple. Comment freely but keep in mind, if you can dish it, you’d better be able to no-lube bottom. So, enjoy, may the Force be with you, live long and prosper, and please don’t sue us.


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Title: #245 Casserole