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In KMUW’s seasonal commentary and podcast, Cooking with Fire, All Things Barbecue’s Josh Cary and Chef Tom Jackson take on a global exploration of barbecue.


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Cooking With Fire: Grilled Leberkase

This past summer my wife and I decided to take our family on a road trip to Minneapolis. The weather was beautiful, with highs a good 20 degrees lower than back home in Kansas — a perfect spot to vacation to escape the summer heat. But the food we had during the trip is what really stood out. The first few days of our vacation we stayed with our friends Raphael and Teresa. Raphael is originally from Germany and is a wonderful host, so we had quite a few home cooked meals while we were there. This included a traditional German leberkäse served with warm potato salad and bread. Leberkäse is a traditional Bavarian meatloaf that traces its roots back to the late 1700s. And while the term literally translates to “liver cheese,” there is rarely liver or cheese in a leberkäse these days. Instead it is made up of finely ground strips of beef and pork and bacon ground to a fine texture, much like bologna or a frankfurter. The loaf is then traditionally baked in a bread pan until the exterior is