"Crossed Wires" with Pat Benson


Host Pat Benson discusses everything guitars, pedals, amps, synths, and more. Featuring guest interviews with musicians, builders, techs, and contributors to the gear community. Hear demos of vintage/boutique gear that you might not have heard anywhere else, or at least not on a podcast before!


"Crossed Wires" with Pat Benson navigateright Episode

12: Demo: Adventure Audio Dream Reaper

This week Pat demos the Dream Reaper, an oscillating, modulating, Fuzz Feedback Machine by Adventure Audio.   This pedal is something out of the ordinary and loaded with weird features guaranteed to turn your tone into something unexpected. But don't be fooled, expect high gain saturated overdrive to glitchy feedback, and more!

A J Mascis Jazzmaster, Benson Vinny, Boss RV-5, PS-3, and Electro Harmonix Freeze were all used during this recording. If you stick around long enough you might even hear some Gary Wright tossed into the mix.

Warning: this episode contains feedback, and LOTS of it.