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257: Doubling Down on Your Dream - Interview with Kelsey Ramsden

Hey there word nerds! Today I have the pleasure of hosting Kelsey Ramsden on the show.

I have long admired Kelsey’s work as she moves the earth, literally and figuratively. She has been named Canada’s top female entrepreneur by PROFIT, not once but twice. And Forbes calls her a “master builder of ideas, businesses and sky’s the limit futures.”

She has received numerous awards for her businesses in civil construction and real estate where she builds highways, airports and communities.

Her latest project is the internationally bestselling book Success Hangover: Ignite your next act. Screw your status quo. Feel alive again. and it is available now.

So listen in as Kelsey and I chat about this amazing book and how to commit to your dreams even when the world pushes back.

In this episode Kelsey and I discuss:

  • The many ways a success hangover can manifest in your life.
  • How to know when you’re stuck in the “mediocre zone”.
  • The difference between love and lust for your career.
  • Turning a sense of discomfort into a sense of discovery.
  • Why so many people fail at their goals, and the steps to take so you succeed.

Plus, Kelsey’s #1 tip for writers.

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