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This podcast features the hottest new tunes in underground house. Each episode features over an hour of foot stompin' tracks from around the globe. Enjoy!!


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Episode 72: The Rugcutter’s Handbook, Lesson 1: Basic Cutting (December 2015)

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Slip your hat on and twist your stompin' boots tight! We're back in action with a guide to move your feet! Enjoy!! 1. Sean Patrick- That’s Jazz Music 2. Angelo Ferreri- Get Press (Doc Link Mix) 3. Rescue- S.T.E.P. 4. Hamdi Ryder- Fever 5. Alek Soltirov- Around This Love 6. Tourist- Ticket To Ride (Freaky Behavior Mix) 7. Deez Bootz- Let’s Get Down (Rescue & Steve Synfull Mix) 8. Housego- Special Delivery 9. Troydon- Waxed (The Sound Republic Mix) 10. Planet Jumper- Don’t Make No Waves, Don’t Back No Losers 11. Brett Johnson- Breathe 12. White Lotus Society- Space Cadillac (Derrick Carter’s Club Vocal Mix) 13. Kenton Slash Demon- Brunn 14. DJ Dan & Bartouze- Jukebox 15. Gramophonedzie- Extravaganza 16. DJ Dan & divaDanielle- I Got A Man 17. Anhanguera- Alright All Night 18. Demuir- Ode To Chicago II 19. Ludowick- Monoplastic (Tom Ellis Mix) 20. Myunghoi Choi- Opal 21. Santiago & Bushido- Sax Trax 22. 1200 Warriors- Feel It (Vox Intro) 23. J-Fader- F.D.C. Put It On 24. Manjane- Go On 25. Crussen- Bag It Up 26. Dave Hustle- Do The Hustle