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Jess Van Ness (a.k.a. Transit) has been mixing it up since 1999 in the electronic underground movement playing a wide range of genres ranging from trance, breaks, tribal, progressive house, techno, and electro. As an artist, JVN tells musicial stories with transitional mixes to keep the fans groovin'. JVN notes his Influences such as Eddie Halliwell, Paul Van Dyk, Dj Dean (Tunnel), Sander Van Doorn, Ferry Corsten, Dj Brian (Moonshine), John Kelley & Cor Finjeman. Look for JVN playing in the local South Western circuit such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas & San Diego.

" I never really pay attention to charts or the mainstream. This music we are creating should be about sharing our own artistic expressions and creating what's popular, not following it. I scour many sources and genres trying to find quality tracks that have different textures and whatnot. It's hard but I'm pleased with the results in building quality mixes and hopefully the underground fans will love." - JVN


Dj Mixes - Trance, House, Techno, Tech House, Progressive, Psytrance, Breaks & Tribal navigateright Episode

Children of The Deep - Oct 2019 Promo - Deep House, Tribal, Afro, Progressive

A heavy tribal influenced gone off the deep end by JVN. Cross-pollenated with deep house, afro house, melodic techno, minimal and progressive, this set is one of the most technical live recordings from JVN. Real You/Abrio - LIVE MASHUP - Rudy UK, Kato Change & Winyo Origen - Hraach (Giman Remix) Dreamcatcher - Danito & Athina Tribalistic - Night Shift Master (Rise & Fall Remix) Silver - Hunter/Game Lost in Khran - Domased Electronica (Subandrio Remix) Is That Charles - Carlos A Congo - Tribal Injection Sexy Train - Alex Raider & Leo Lippolis Twisted - Kaz James & Nick Morgan