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A James Bond Podcast that is shaken and definitely not stirred, unless it's by George Lazenby. Hosted by Ben Waterworth, Colin Hilding & Noah Groves


Double Oz Seven navigateright Episode

Episode #68 - Go Eat Some Cheese - Ranking The Bond Girls

It’s time to bring back the rankings and also bring back Noah to the frame as we bring you a long overdue episode ranking all the main Bond girls that you have been dying to hear for nearly four years! How on earth did we manage to get Noah back? Is he going to get us all sick with coronavirus? How much will Ben be hated during this episode? Why are we glad not to hear about Rosie Carver? Which controversial opinions will be brought up early and ones saved up for later? How long will the Tiffany Case debate go? How long will the Jinx debate go? Is Noah being back a good thing? Which secondary Bond girls will we wish we could rank because they’re better than the main girls? Do we like the fact that we’re getting reviews now, even if they are weird and tell us we’re living in a different world? And will all three hosts survive and not kill each other for the first time on a rankings episode? It’s an episode you need to hear to believe so get to clicking and get to listening!