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Unity Raceway Summer Music Festivals

Hey friends! Sorry it has been a month since the last show. Believe it or not I was taking a class and even more shocking I did well. But that is over so let's get our show reved up for a summer of awesome music here in eastern Maine and beyond. This Tuesday night we will have a special guest for the first time on the show.  From Unity Raceway in Unity, Maine the living racing legond Greg Veinote who is now running the racetrack will be live with us at 8:30 pm. Greg has a huge task in front of him with bringing back the legondary track in Unity to its former glory. He has done it before with Spud Raceway in Caribou, Maine so we are all so glad to have him working on restoring this old track. His ideas of bringing life to the track with music concerts and festivals plus real soon a whole racing season is huge for our beloved Waldo County. My Rob Dunbar Productions will be helping with the concerts so please check out our new web site and most certainly check out the racetrack's website. Very excited to be back and we will play music and chat for a few hours. We will go live at 8 pm est!