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Doug Stephan, along with Dr. Ken Kronhaus and Dr. Jack Stockwell, review the latest peer-reviewed and alternative health news and take listener calls.


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GDH - Ken - What Do Fruit, Tea and Red Wine Have in Common?

05/15/20 - Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus of Lake Cardiology (352-735-1400) begin by rehashing how sad it is that Politics is now playing such a large part in Medicine today. A new blood test shows that high levels of certain chemicals in the bloodstream indicates the likelihood of contracting COVID19. Dr. Ken explains what vitamins need to be included to create a good multi-vitamin. Doug and Dr. Ken discuss why there seems to be no consistency in Coronavirus testing at The Whitehouse. Ever wonder how they go about testing new vaccines? Next, learn what Fruit, Tea and Red Wine have to do with your good health. Plus, lots more great ideas and tips to maintain your Good Health.