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Welcome to “Grace Grit & Gratitude: Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Life”, information and inspiration for living happily and on purpose in contemporary life. Wisdom for crafting a life of purpose, power, and pleasure lies not only in the facts you were taught about life, wisdom lies within you as well. When you learn to trust your inner authority, you learn to trust your choices and life again, leading a life of integrity Learning to trust yourself and life again is essential for leading a life of happiness, ease, and peace in contemporary life. * Discover how a dynamic relationship with your spirit, soul, and sovereignty is essential for health, happiness, and wholi-ness in contemporary life. *Update your beliefs, habits, and choices for ease and peace with the changes and challenges of contemporary life . * Learn new skills, belief, and techniques for trusting and living the wisdom, truth, and guidance already within you. * Learn how to trust and engage the intelligence and guidance of your body’s wisdom. * Live to engage your grace grit & gratitude for a life pro-active, not reactive. *Learn to discern, decipher, and delight in the wisdom and guidance all around you in everyday life. Life is a gift already granted, how we live our unique integrity creates our pleasure, purpose, and power. Learn to discern the grace offered in your everyday life, to engage your grit for meeting life's challenges and changes, and to offer your gratitude for your gift of contemporary life.

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