Happier in Hollywood


Veteran TV writers Liz Craft and Sarah Fain demystify Hollywood by making career and personal struggles universal. Friends since high school and writing partners for 17 years, Liz and Sarah have survived and thrived in Tinseltown’s male-dominated entertainment industry, guided by blind optimism and a Midwestern work ethic. Along the way they've learned a lot about kicking ass, kissing ass, and office yoga.


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Ep.114: Don’t Take the Meeting!

Liz and Sarah discuss why they’ve recently decided NOT to take every meeting. Sometimes they need to go deep instead of going wide. Then Sarah’s recent bout of pneumonia is a reminder that we all need to listen to our bodies. In The Mailroom, Liz and Sarah tackle a listener question about whether they ever feel like the “weak link” in their partnership. Short answer? Yes! This week Sarah and Liz have a dual parenting bomb — failing to set up summer play dates. And they give a hit to their fellow WGA writers for supporting one another through a tough time in the industry. Finally, this a Hollywood Hack: make plans immediately!

WGA-ATA Dispute:https://www.indiewire.com/2019/04/writers-agents-wga-ata-writers-guild-of-america-association-of-talent-agents-1202057979/
June Diane Raphael:https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2053085/
The Jane Club:https://www.janeclub.com/

Photo by Maria Krasnova on Unsplash