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In this episode, Anu gives a tour to the city of Poseidia,. the largest island in Atlantis. You will learn about the the founder of Atlantis, Sea God Poseidon and how Greek mythology gives us insight on the original Atlanteans. You will also learn about the spiritual awakening to the fifth dimension in Atlantis lead by Atlantean High Priests and Priestesses. a powerful group called, the Law of One. Perhaps some spontanious memories of Atlantis will begin emerging as you listen but you can also download a free guided meditation to Atlantis help you experience Ancient Atlantis within you. Find link below.   Shownotes, more episodes and gifts at: http://www.anushiasta.com/podcast If you enjoyed the episode, leave a 5 star review at http://www.anushiasta.com/itunes  Download FREE Atlantis Meditation at: https://anushiasta.leadpages.co/free-atlantis-meditation/