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High School vs. Junior High Essay

Have you ever though of all the differences that there are between High School and Junior High? Well, if you really think about it, there are quite a few differences. Three of the main differences are the after school activities, the curriculum, and also the food and the difficulty level of homework is also different It was not difficult for me to write my essay on any topic in elementary school, but in the older I felt a big difference.. Some of the differences from the high school and the junior high are beneficial, but not all of them are. Let me tell you all about them.

To begin with, between the two schools, there are many different extra-curricular activities, but they differ from school to school. Unlike the high school, the junior high has a newspaper that you can write for if you choose. But, one of the more important differences in after school activities is that at the junior high, there is no school sponsored football team. Of course, at the high school there is a football team. There are also several differences in sports between the two schools. For instance, there is a soccer team at the high school, and to play on a school sponsored soccer team in junior high is not an option. Because the high school is larger, it makes sense to have more clubs and numerous activities. There is a pom squad at the high school, and there is also a pep club. Those activities don’t exist at the junior high.

Another very important change between the high school and the junior high is the curriculum. When I say curriculum, I mean the differences of the classes that are offered at each school. The classes at the high school are much more difficult and very different from the ones that you have to take in junior high. Also, unlike at the junior high, you can choose a number of your classes in high school. This means that you can take classes that you actually want to take. There are many different classes to choose from. There is even a class where you learn how to take apart and rebuild an engine. You do not get the choice to take a class like this in junior high. The curriculum differs in numerous ways between these two schools.

The last important major change that you will go through when you transfer from the junior high to the high school is the difference in food. Well, you might say, the food at the junior high was pretty crappy. Can the food at the high school be any better, or… is it worse? The good thing is, there is a major difference in food between these two schools. Though the food at the junior high tastes like (you fill in the blank), the food at the high school is actually quiet delicious. The pizza is actually cut into triangles instead of that square pizza that always has one of the cook’s hairs in it. Unlike at the junior high, you can actually choose everything that you want to eat. There are four lines that you can go through, and only one is school food. All the other lines contain food such as pizza from Little Caesar’s Pizza. Also, another benefit that you get from going to the high school is that you can actually use the vending machines that they have to offer there. At the junior high, there are several soda and PowerAde machines throughout the school building, but it is really against the rules to use them throughout the duration of the school day. At the high school, you can use a machine any time that you are in the cafeteria. There are even machines in the locker rooms! There are definitely not any soda machines in the locker rooms at the junior high.

Well, if you ever think of all the differences between your junior high and your high school, I bet that you could think of quite a few. But, three of the most important differences between high school and junior high are the after school activities, the curriculum, and the food. All in all, I think that high school is much better than junior high, and I bet that you would agree!