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The How to Start Living Show, hosted by Jeff Steinmann, features insights and interviews with people like you who have achieved more than just success in the traditional way; they've discovered how to live in a way that makes them feel good every day. (Formerly called the How to Quit Working Show)


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How Myrna Lou used her love of palmistry to quit working so she could live a life she loves, on her terms doing something she loves

Myrna was in the corporate world as a secretary and worked all the way up to executive secretary. One day after she got home from working her 8 hour shift and got started on her OTHER 8 hour shift at home, her husband said, “Myrna, I make enough money for both of us. Quit that job and follow your passion of palmistry.”  Myrna knew better than to ask questions, so she just did it. Days later she was booked with enough clients for 6 months.


On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, Myrna is going to tell us:


  What it's like to do something you love so much, it's never work, always play.

 Six months of clients days after quitting her job? We'll talk about that.

 How she increased revenue every year since she started in 1996.


And you know I'm going to ask her how she landed that husband.


She's written 3 books on the subject of palmistry and lives a lifestyle doing something she loves and doing it on her terms. She reads palms in her home, over the Internet and at events and loves her life.


You can get more information about Myrna and her books and even schedule a reading at or [email protected] or mail her at PO Box 19081, Boulder CO 80507.