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The How to Start Living Show, hosted by Jeff Steinmann, features insights and interviews with people like you who have achieved more than just success in the traditional way; they've discovered how to live in a way that makes them feel good every day. (Formerly called the How to Quit Working Show)


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How Travis Sherry of Quit Working

Travis Sherry is just that. Just a regular guy who likes to travel. He was working as a teacher, with 3 months off each year to travel. Since he didn not make a lot of money as a teacher, he had to do it cheaply, so he set out to learn how to travel on the cheap. Soon people began asking him for his help when they wanted to travel cheaply, especially with his specialty area of frequent flyer miles. The three months off would be great for most people, but not Travis. It wasn’t enough for him. So, he started a travel website which is now how he supports himself and his traveling habit. Travis travels the world much of the time, spending 6 weeks in Spain last year, several locations in the US, with plans to return to Spain and future plans for Dubai, although not in the summer, because it’s too hot and he’s built a life that lets him make those decisions.