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Kadanaad is a trio comprised of Kris, Ky, and miss Bri (The artist formerly known as 'Charlie'): A goofy cosplay team that brings you goofy cosplay talks. We also explore the steamy jungles of the costuming community, nerdy life, gaming, movies, and more! But most importantly, the power of ~*friendship*~. So jump on in, pals - we got the glue guns all warmed up for ya! [Updated every Sunday]

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Title: Y'Can't Judge a Baby By Its Chub. [SDCC 2016 Recap!] - Kadcast #15

Y'Can't Judge a Baby By Its Chub. [SDCC 2016 Recap!] - Kadcast #15

August 7th, 2016

#FINDTOPHER!! We let another SDCC friendship slip through our fingers but diarrhea emergencies present other opportunities. Listen to us expertly interrupt… Go to Episode

Horchata Jizz & Benito Mussolini's Oregano - Preparing for SDCC 2016 on Kadcast #14

July 21st, 2016

With our DnD guest co-host Michael, this episode is meant to be a debrief on prepping for Comic-Con but quickly mutates into horrible Pokemon Go tangents… Go to Episode

Charlie Comes Out. (And Suck a Penis) - Kadcast #13

June 6th, 2016

Charlie drops some heavy news on us this week amidst a cosplay-packed episode where we talk upcoming events, putting yourself in harm's way for the hobby,… Go to Episode

D&D Ch.2 - Ep.1: "Poo-Poo Voyage" - Kadcast #12

May 22nd, 2016

A new campaign DM'd by Kris! Rinn teams up with an old adventuring buddy named Njord to investigate an ominous force that's attacked a neighboring town.… Go to Episode