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Title: Shoot Me Author: Carrie Knowles Narrator: Eric G. Dove Format: Unabridged Length: 56 mins Language: English Release date: 08-10-11 Publisher: Mind Wings Audio Genres: Fiction, Contemporary Publisher's Summary: A break-in goes awry when Louis discovers an elderly woman at home. Unfortunately for him, the woman has decided she doesnt want to go on living since her husband has died. The love of his life is Joanna, his partners sister. He doesnt want Joanna to discover that he and her brother are in the business of stealing and dealing antiques. If Joanna finds out, about the business and the old lady, hes sure shell leave him. Editorial Reviews: Eric Dove's animated and gritty performance makes Carrie Knowles' tale of crime and secrecy pulse with tension. The award-winning narrator brings all his tools to this audiobook, giving life to the two "antique dealers" Art and Louis, and the rest of the characters. Shoot Me follows Art and Louis as they continue their habit of stealing antiques to stock their store's shelves. However, after an ill-planned robbery puts Louis face-to-face with an elderly homeowner who's lost her will to live, Louis has to figure out just what is the right thing to do. Contact me for any questions: [email protected]