L.I.V.E. Radio Theater


Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment presents original radio plays and songs recorded before a LIVE audience at Stage773 in Chicago, IL.


L.I.V.E. Radio Theater navigateright Episode

LIVE Commercial - Werner Herzog's Nihilist Bedtime Stories

Are your children tired of formulaic bedtime stories that always end in happily ever after? Then let Werner Herzog's Nihilist Bedtime Stories put them to sleep with tales about the harsh, unforgiving nature of our meaningless existence.

Directed by Nicole Keating-Kelch
Written by Rob Mclemore
Music accompaniment by Gail Gallagher
Foley by Ele Matelan
Sound Production & Design by Jesse Schroeder

Featuring the LIVE vocal talents of Sammy Jo Zale, Sarah Frances McMillan, and David Kelch