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Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment presents original radio plays and songs recorded before a LIVE audience at Stage773 in Chicago, IL.


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Mediocre Mel Ep 1 - The Ballad of Bullet Barb

Join the averagest man in the west in our brand new serial, Mediocre Mel. Mel's on a mission to chronicle the unsung folk heroes of the old west, starting with the notorious gunslinger, Bullet Bob. However, he finds someone a bit different than he expected and a lot more than he bargained for in... "The Ballad of Bullet Barb!"

Directed by Shane Hill
Written by Andrew Huttel
Music accompaniment by Alex Madda
Foley by Ele Matelan
Sound Production & Design by Jesse Schroeder

Featuring the LIVE vocal talents of Johnathan Koller, John Keefe, Kate Booth, Laura Bouxsein, Margaret Morton, MaryFran Stefanich, Jennifer Mohr, and Nicole Keating-Kelch, with our special guest performer Kate Vargulich!