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Rogers Sisters Episode 13 - The Hammerstein's Comeback Tour

It's an uncomfortable reunion on the latest episode of the Rogers Sisters. While the gals are thrilled to be tasked with a top secret mission, they aren't as enthused about who will be joining them: The Hammerstein Sisters. Their German counterparts claim to be on the side of liberty. Have they turned over a new leaf? Or are they still in fast with the Fuhrer? Find out in... “The Hammerstein's Comeback Tour!”

Directed by Andrew Huttel
Written by Rob McLemore
Music accompaniment by Gail Gallagher
Foley by Ele Matelan
Sound Production & Design by Jesse Schroeder
Featuring the vocal talents of David Kelch, Jennifer Mohr, Jennifer Walden, Johnathan Koller, Kate Booth, Kate Vargulich, Margaret Morton, MaryFran Stefanich, Nicole Keating-Kelch, Sammy Jo Zale, and Sarah McMillan

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