Midnight Sessions (Techno/Electronica Weekly)


Midnight Sessions is a weekly mix series presented by myself Jon Woods. This show focuses on showcasing the more alternative side to Techno. Expect broken beats, acid lines and euphoric soundscapes.

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Midnight Sessions (Techno/Electronica Weekly) navigateright Episode

MS 008

Now moving to a monthly show to keep my selection more fresh. This month I play records released on Samurai, Metalheadz, Ilian Tape, houndstooth + more! As always the track list is below. Throwing Snow - Subtitles Andrea - Remade Blondes - Quality Of Life (Struction Remix) Second Storey - No Such Location Scape One - Machine Music Objekt - Ganzfield Jon Woods - Caucasian (WIP) Forest Drive West - Annoko Marcus Intalex - Step Forward Blocks & Escher - Wings Clarity - Fog Double O - Down To The Foundation Jon Woods - Deckard's First Love (WIP)