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What People Learned About Money By Blogging About Money

Financial education is not represented in our school systems, at least not on a national basis. However, learning how money really works should not be left to an untrained adult.

Parents can try to educate their children, and many do, but the economics of money, and how we use money, has changed.

Here is an example: When my wife and I were married in 2000, we wrote paper checks for a lot of our bills. We also used credit cards because debit cards were just starting to become popular as a payment option, not just a way to get cash from a local ATM.

Here are some things that have been created in the past 10-15 years: Online Money Market accounts, budgeting apps, having access to our bank account via smartphones, BitCoin and even giving a tithe via a text message!

I know, right?

The problem with our country's financial illiteracy ins't due to a lack of resources - just look at all the financial bloggers who attended the recent Financial Blogger Conference in Charlotte. The problem is we don't seek the education ourselves until the problem has become big enough that we HAVE to learn.

I began blogging in 2007 at the same time I began coaching individuals on their budget and financial goals. I've learned a LOT - and I expect you would too.

And since you are reading this, you fall into one of two categories:

A) You want to learn how money really works

B) You HAVE to learn how money really works

Either way, I've got you covered:

I coach couples via phone or Skype to improve their spending, saving, and giving. You've already come here to learn so take the next step: Take 2 minutes to fill out a Financial Overview and then schedule an appointment to work with me.

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Are you ready for the 200th episode of the MoneyPlan SOS podcast? Here we go...

Live from FinCon15, I interview nine financial bloggers. They answer the question, "Have you learned anything about money since blogging about money?"


Eric Rosenberg (Narrow Bridge Media)

Emily Guy Birken (Wisebread, Book: 5 Years Before You Retire)

Katie Austin (Writes for

Todd Tresidder (

Stefanie O’Connell (The Broke and Beautiful Life)

Athena Lent (Being Fabulous Has No Price Tag)

Miranda Marquit (Planting Money Seeds)

JD Roth (Get Rich Slowly, new blog

Eva Baker (



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