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A Self-Care Storytelling Podcast. Based on True Stories. An Empowerment, Self Improvement Relating Podcast. Use this Podcast as a guide of what “Not” to do • REAL Stories About Heartbreaks, Break-ups, Divorces, Dating, Co-Parenting, Relationships and Learning to Heal & Love Yourself with Self-Care.

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58: Like a Traffic Light, My Love Light is On GREEN Now.

On this episode we talk about the YouTube video on My Ugly Truth Podcast titled “Cutting Cords With My Twin Flame” we talk about what soul contracts are and Is it possible to break a soul contract? Reasons why she wanted to cut cords and all the triggers that came with wanting to end this twin flame journey, Did she achieve it? Also, Angie explains her current new love prospect that is present and how for the longest time, Angie had her “Emotional unavailable- Heart Love Traffic Light” OFF. But after this epiphany that Angie explains she recently experienced. She says - Now her Love/Heart Traffic Light is not only ON, But It’s on GREEN! Ready For Real Real love. —- Green = Go. ???? Check out TurquoiseEmpress22 Daily Love Readings on YouTube !! -

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