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#nntech will bring fresh perspectives from the Fintech world, interviews with notable entrepreneurs in the startup scene, and we will discuss tools and methods that’ll make work more fun and rewarding.


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#slowtofast Ep 09 — Introducing our new CTO Tuva Palm

In this episode we introduce our new awesome CTO Tuva Palm who joined us a little over a month ago. Tuva has an extensive background in engineering and product management from companies such as Oracle and Klarna. She is also the co-host of STHLM Tech, the biggest tech meetup in Europe. Dennis and Tuva have an intense and entertaining conversation about: - The startup scene in Sweden - The BOPS prio list, a prioritization framework used by Spotify and Klarna - The key to creating something that customers want - Trends in technology - Successful traits of a CTO - Ingredients to achieve speed in product organizations - Tuva’s affection for Marty Cagan’s blog articles Show notes: https://medium.com/slowtofast-podcast/slowtofast-ep-09-the-tuva-palm-edition-81073cbc9e#.yyo63ncvy