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Feds Recommend Cohen Be Imprisoned; Special Counsel Says It Can Prove Manafort Lied

**CORRECTION: In a previous version of this podcast we said that "the Special Counsel says it can prove Paul Manafort lied about contacts between Russians and the Trump campaign." We should have said that "the Special Counsel says it can prove Paul Manafort lied about his contacts with a Russian and his contacts with the Trump administration after his plea deal."** In a much-anticipated court filing Friday evening, prosecutors argued against leniency for Cohen, saying he had committed four federal crimes over the course of several years. Cohen, they say, was "motivated by personal greed," and they argue that he "repeatedly used his power and influence for deceptive ends." And the government says Paul Manafort allegedly lied to prosecutors about his communications with officials in the Trump administration, "information pertinent to another Department of Justice investigation" and more. This episode: White House correspondent Tamara Keith, justice correspondent Carrie Johnson, and justice correspondent Ryan Lucas. Email the show at [email protected] Find and support your local public radio station at