Of Threnodies and Roses


Of threnodies and roses is a modern retelling of Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux.

He began as an Angel that came to her one frightening night. As Christine is slowly swept up into a dangerous and passionate obsession, will she survive his dark world...and even darker past?

Written by Quiet2885 in 2005 and adapted for audio by Adversaria

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Episode one- Someone to watch over me

Ever since her father passed away, Christine Daae has struggled to find any passion for life. Work, study, sleep, repeat.

When she encounters a dark figure one night on an abandoned road, she will find her life fundamentally changed forever. But perhaps not changed for the best.

Starring Tobias Duncan as the Phantom, Jessica Jacobs as Christine, Karim Kronfli as Nadir, and Matt Espinoza as Raoul.

Meg - Sarah Kent

Mrs. Valerius - Carolyn Rutter

Jamie - Meghan Stefek

Sarah - Lydia Kim

Pamela - Rae Traynham

Joseph Buquet - P.J. Kanis

Daniel - John Pepper

Mrs. Romero - Barbara Matthews

Mrs. Giry, Mrs. Buquet - Arlene Jacobs

Charles Daae/ Guitar - Mark Jacobs

Mr. Remy - Kailynn Haskell-Harbert

Additional voices provided by Riese Meyers, Aubrey Poppleton, Chynna Birkmire, Virginia Von der Porten, and Abby Espinoza.

Sound effects - ProSound Effects library

Music -

My genius, my angel, my friend - Tchaikovsky

Prelude no. 8 - Debussy

Gymnopedia No. 1 - Erik Satie

We'll be together again - Al Bowlly

Someday sweetheart - Jelly Roll Morton

On the sunny side of the street - Billie Holiday

Soft winds - Benny Goodman

Barber's adagio - classical guitar arrangement by Dave Seck

Fantasia in G minor - Fanny Mendelssohn

Melody op.4 - Fanny Mendelssohn

Vocalise - Rachmaninoff

Someone to watch over me - Gershwin played by Abby Espinoza

Gnossienne no.4 - Erik Satie

Of Threnodies and Roses written by Quiet2885, adapted for audio by Adversaria, and audio mastered by Soulgig