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Optimization Through Discomfort | KIP FULKS

You wouldn’t be listening to this podcast if you didn’t want to improve your life to some degree. In fact, I’d argue that most of you are interested in optimizing every facet of your life.

And, that’s exactly what my friend, avid bow hunter, co-founder of Under Armour, and founder of Big Truck Farms and Brewery, Kip Fulks talk about today. This is a fascinating discussion with an extremely fascinating man. We talk about manufacturing discomfort, becoming good stewards over all of our resources, developing undaunted courage, managing ourselves well, and optimizing our lives.


  • Made in America
  • Working your ass off
  • Problem-solving
  • Loving the struggle
  • Going around the wall
  • A consumer society
  • Big Truck Brewery
  • Driven by beliefs
  • Managing wildlife
  • Making a sacrifice
  • Experiencing doubt
  • The common denominator
  • Watching others rise
  • Pushing past comfort
  • Overcoming roadblocks


I met Kip Fulks years ago through Instagram. We spent some time hunting in Arizona and I’m always left fascinated and inspired by our conversations. He’s a very deep and probably one of the most interesting thinkers I know.

Kip is an avid outdoorsman, played professional lacrosse for 10 years, is one of the original partners of Under Armour where he helped build the organization into a multi-billion dollar business, and now owns and operates Big Truck Farms and Brewery where he has learned from scratch how to craft beer without any prior knowledge or experience.

I’ve been asking Kip to come on the podcast for years. You guys are going to enjoy this one.


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