Origin Of Feces


Extreme metal show, the worst produced in the world, by DJ Tesla and DJ Alligator. Black, Death, and Thrash Metal.
Explicit content galore.

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Origin Of Feces navigateright Episode




DJs Alligator and Tesla


M.A.D. - Cryptic Slaughter (Convicted) 01:24
Hand The Pope - Nuclear Assault (Game Over/The Plague) 00:45
Mission Statement - Birth A.D. (I Blame You) 01:37

I Blame You - Birth A.D. (I Blame You) 01:59
Drift - Cryptic Slaughter (Stream of Consciousness) 03:23
World Peace - Cro-Mags (Age of Quarrel) 02:14

Wrong Again - Birth A.D. (I Blame You) 02:46
Bail Out - D.R.I. (Dealing With it) 00:56
Don't Tread on Me - Crom-Mags (Best Wishes) 01:21

Crushing of the Irate - Dead Horse (Horsecore) 01:51
Hank - Dead Horse (Horsecore) 02:11
Failure - Pasadena Napalm Division (CDR Demo Bootleg) 01:52

Foaming as the Mouth - Rigor Mortis (Rigor Mortis) 03:45
Aggressive Prefector (Slayer) - Reign in Blood 02:30
Disbelief - Prong (Primitive Origins) 01:42

Trampled to Death - Macabre (Gloom) 01:45
Antifascist in Meatgrinder - TRONES (Gazing into shit and ruins) 00:38
Clubbing Palestinians - TRONES (Gazing into shit and ruins) 00:49

Surfin In The Persian Gulf / 655 - Fearless Iranians From Hell (Holy War) 02:06
Blow Up The Embassy- Fearless Iranians From Hell (Holy War) 02:13