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Real Estate Rockstars is a show created for you, the Real Estate community. If you find yourself searching for inspiration, keys to success, or just Real Estate stories, Pat Hiban, New York Times Best Selling Author, delivers in his biweekly show. Each episode brings you the meat and potatoes of our Rockstars career, addressing the successes, failures, tips, and tricks as to creating your own destiny. Visit for more priceless resources and steps to take action on.


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41: Chris Suarez: The open house model to help you net $1M

What does it take to be a Real Estate Rockstar? Join us as Chris Suarez shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar.

5 years ago, Chris set out for a new market with one goal in mind, to net $1M dollars! After building a business in his home state of New York, Chris packed up and headed for the west coast. After a brief stay in Eugene, Oregon Chris least for a short time, in Portland. In order to attack and attract talent, Chris created a unique mission, vision, and a set of value, beliefs, and prospectives. The caliber of people arround his mission and vision has allowed him to hyper focus on open houses and thrive in Portland, Oregon. In this exclusive interview you will learn a proven method for becoming an open house expert. Have your pen and paper ready as Chris shares the exact strategy that allowed him to net $1M, and so much more!