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Each episode brings you into the world of sustainable agriculture, permaculture, survival preparedness, and green living. Discover how you can implement different strategies grow healthier food, get off the grid, and become more of a producer than a consumer. Learn how to make your life more sustainable from the most influential voices in Southern California and the world such as Geoff Lawton, Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin, and Paul Wheaton. Gain practical insight and advice that you put into action today. Water harvesting, biochar, gasification, permaculture, organic gardening, soil building, food forest, nitrogen fixation, agriculture, back yard chickens, fruit trees, and more strategies to feed your stomach and your soul. The show is hosted by Diego Footer of the Permaculture Voices Conference.

Some shows are co-hosted by Joey D’Elia of Tipuana Farm one of Southern California’s premier permaculture demonstration sites featuring swales, food forests, hugelkultur beds, greywater systems, rainwater catchment, and more..

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Title: The Science of Crop Breeding - Creating Better Hybrid Tomatoes (FSFS221)

The Science of Crop Breeding - Creating Better Hybrid Tomatoes (FSFS221)

July 7th, 2020

Nikolay Georgiev joins me to talk about the process of breeding hybrid tomatoes.  We get into the science discussing what is possible in terms of disease… Go to Episode

The Science of Crop Breeding - Creating a Better Basil with Dr. Robert Pyne (FSFS220)

June 29th, 2020

Dr. Robert Pyne joins me to talk about the work VDF Specialty Seeds has done to develop a line of basil that is downy mildew resistant.  Throughout the… Go to Episode

It's Never Too Late to Do Good Things - Midsummer Update

June 26th, 2020

What do you want to leave behind - an asset that society can build off or a liability that society has to clean up?  It's never too late to start building… Go to Episode

My Farm Journey with Liset Garcia (FSFS219)

June 22nd, 2020

Liset Garcia of Sweet Girl Farms joins me to talk about her first year of farming - how she started, what worked, and how she is evolving the business.  … Go to Episode