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Personalized Learning with Matt & Courtney navigateright Episode

Alfie Kohn interview

Matt and Courtney have pulled off a coup of some sort, interviewing Dr. Alfie Kohn, an education researcher and author. He answers a bunch of questions Matt and Courtney had, including why we might have to change our podcast name. Read the stuff on his website at and become more critical thinkers about what we are doing in our education system to our learners. Follow him on Twitter at @alfiekohn

  1. Why is it imperative that we take time to critically examine our educational systems?

  2. If we want our learners to be critical thinkers, what does that look like, what does that mean, what are some ways teachers can do that without creating a course or a class?

  3. What are some ways that teachers can involve learners in their own personalization?

    1. It’s not personalized learning anymore - “the bad guys have won!”

    2. Interested in personal learning

  4. How can we ensure that all learners are getting a “good” education?

  5. How is a curriculum based on kids’ wonderings fit in with a system of learning targets?