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A podcast dedicated to the do-do's and don't-do's of personalized learning. We are irreverent, yet unabashedly authentic. If you want to learn a little about personalized learning for your classroom/school/district, and are willing to challenge your assumptions, then Matt & Courtney can help. Agree with us, challenge us, debate with us. It's education. Personalized. RSS Feed URL

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S3 Ep4: Helping make content relevant for learners AND a MAJOR announcement!

This week, Matt and Courtney talk about making those old familiar topics more relevant for your learners. Perhaps it's a topic you always do, or it's an important date in history (i.e. 9-11, Pearl Harbor Day, 11-22-63, etc), but learners don't have a context for it. Put it into context for them, make it real, using some of the tips we talk about today.

We are all wound up, as we have been invited by iNACOL to their annual Symposium ( ) to be their podcaster! If you are attending, please come and see us and get on the podcast, and if you aren't going - well, why not? Register at their website - it's in Orlando in October, for gosh sake!

Also, we have a new(ish) website, at and follow us on Twitter @plearnmc , and NOW ON INSTAGRAM @PLearnMC !