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Tony Monfiletto: Interview at Aurora Institute Symposium 2019

Matt and Courtney have a discussion with Tony Monfiletto, the Director of Future Focused Education. They have a talk about what future-focused means, the students they can serve, and the models that communities can learn from to help their learners that need it the most.

Faced with challenges such as slow economic growth, high unemployment and tough realities for many communities, Future Focused Education is dedicated to remodeling education to meet the unique needs of communities. From founding and growing the Leadership Schools Network, to building the Future Focused Internship Program to connect the dots between promising students and forward-thinking employers, Future Focused Education is propelling evidence of innovative teaching and learning that will drive education and schools in new and important directions.

Tony Monfiletto is the Director of Future Focused Education. Over the past 20 years, Tony has been actively involved in creating a policy climate that welcomes innovative solutions to our most challenging public school challenges. He has served on many legislative and executive committees and he is passionate about re-thinking the metrics of success for the next generation of schools that can prepare young people for a dynamic future. Tony has been a public school teacher, charter school co-founder, and principal. He earned a BA from New Mexico State University and a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Finance from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and he is an Aspen-Pahara Institute and Sizer Fellow.