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Phlying High: The Philly Phan's Perspective` navigateright Episode

Phlying High with Brian Roam (aka) Beef of National Holiday Celebrations

Pete is joined by special guest Brian Roam (who will be referred to as BEEF from here on out) for an incredibly random tangent-filled, Philadelphia lovin' interview. Beef runs the social media account, National Holiday Celebrations, which is catching the interweb by storm. In a hilariously enjoyable interview, we covered what it feels like to buy 26 gallons of milk at Walmart, life as a transplanted Philly Phan ripped away from our beloved city, Beef's run-in with Sidney Jones' cell phone at the Super Bowl Parade and much more!  Check out the full rundown below and be sure to subscribe and rate the pod! 


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1:00- Intro Beef

2:07- Talking about National_Holiday_Celebrations/What it is 

4:34- The inception of @national_holiday_celebrations

6:05- What does it feel like to buy 26 gallons of milk at Walmart alone? 

11:05-Beef's no free advertising campaign

12:45- Discussing the transition to North Carolina as a Philly Phan

30:20- Bird Talk

1:15:30- Beef asks Pete a question about Jay Ajayi to which we somehow get talking about horrible medical staff issues in the entire city and all of the Sixers' draft pick issues

1:22:57- Pete actually answers the question

1:24:03- Harper and the Phils 

1:31:12- Acknowledging all of Philly's beloved (and underappreciated) sports teams that get no love 

1:32:35- Beef's story of finding Sidney Jones' cell phone on the day of the Super Bowl Parade 

1:44:58- Another tangent where we talk LeBron and debate who ruined the NBA as we once knew it 

1:57:00- Never retiring the nickname Beef and Meal Prep Talk 

2:04:08 Saying goodbye