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Phlying High: The Philly Phan's Perspective` navigateright Episode

Phlying High with a Return from Hiatus (and Justin Solo)

We have been silent for too long! Life has been hectic to say the least, but Justin found some spare time to go over the recent happenings in Flyers country and to RANT about the Phillies! What an abysmal series against the Marlins. Swept by the Marlins. That shouldn't be a thing, yet it just happened before our very eyes. Unfortunately, this recording came before Sunday's final pitch, but the mood hasn't changed, it has only worsened. Nonetheless, things need to change fast if the Phils see a postseason in their future. How are you feeling about the horrible run that the boys at CBP have been on lately? How are you feeling about the future of our Flyers? Let us know your #PhanPerspective on Facebook and Twitter at @PhlyingHighPod! We will soon have an episode with the two co-hosts together once again, but until then, enjoy a little Justin Solo!