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Phlying High: The Philly Phan's Perspective` navigateright Episode

Phlying High with a Sixer Demon Silenced (Before the Hawks)

While it seemed like the Sixers would never get past the demon inside their heads, last week they finally beat the Celtics. Before a dreadful loss to the Hawks, Justin and Pete got together to cover the incredible week that was for Brett Brown and company, focusing on how they're primed for a playoff push (then they lost to the freakin' Hawks, SMH). We discuss the positive notes in another up-and-down streaky season for the Flyers with their playoff hopes dwindling and go over the Eagles moves of the week/Harpers Homers. We close out with an awesome new segment, giving our Phave Phive Baseball Movies (you'll be thoroughly disappointed in Pete's selections but Justin's a self-proclaimed cinematic snobfessional). ATTN: We are looking for you, Philly Phanatics, to come onto our show and discuss the issues that are most important to you within Philly sports. Contact us or use the #PhanPerspective to let us know what you want to talk about when we have you on! 

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Show Notes: 

1:11- Phour 4 Phour presented by Fanatics

8:41- #PhirstThingsPhirst with Villanova Basketball 

9:35- Sixers/Bucks talk (Giannis is a monster) 

19:15-Sixers Celts talk 

40:52-The Roles of Each Player on the Sixers 

52:00- The Sixers/Celts rivalry and how it is so healthy for the game 

1:04:45-Flyers talk 

1:05:50- State of the Flyers and the Bright Young Core 

1:08:59-Talking flyers playoff chances 

1:20:15-Thoughts on Wayne Simmons 

1:30:24-#PhanPerspective: a call out to Philly Phan's across the area to join our discussion 

1:38:18- Inaugural Phave Phive with Best Baseball Movies