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Phlying High: The Philly Phan's Perspective` navigateright Episode

Phlying High with an Eagles Draft Breakdown (featuring Jake Meluskey of the Morning Call)

We are BACK again after some time off. Unfortunately, Justin was not able to join for this rendition of the pod and we missed him dearly - anticipating his return in a future episode TBD. Pete was joined by Jake Meluskey, Editorial Assistant at the Morning Call where he served as the exclusive source of Eagles draft coverage. We distracted ourselves in the days following the quad-doink by delving deep into the 2019 Eagles draft class! It was a blast talking Birds, even though Jake's heart truly lies with the San Di- oh wait. The Los Angeles Chargers. Yeah, that's right. 'Twas a blast and a half, we look forward to having Jake back on in the future to talk all things Philly sports. In the meantime: sit back, relax and learn about the Philadelphia Eagles Class of 2019! 

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