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Phlying High: The Philly Phan's Perspective` navigateright Episode

Phlying High with the Sixers free agent frenzy and a Phillies (more than) halfway recap

Woah! Justin and Pete on the same pod...together?! You heard it right, we are BACK from our two-month hiatus as co-hosts, and we're diving right into it. Sunday was unreal exciting in the NBA, we give WOJ #godstatus and delve into the Sixers moves. We look at the Jimmy Butler sign-and-trade, Josh Richardson and Al Horford's immediate impact, and how this humungous team will be able to space the floor. Then we hit on the halfway point in the MLB season and talk Phillies: where they've gone wrong, where they need to improve, and a little positivity rolling into the coming months. 

Was Jimmy Buckets weak for passing on a max deal to go to Miami? Is Bryce Harper letting us down big time or can we expect a huge second half from number three? Let us know your thoughts using #PhanPerspective on Facebook and Twitter, where you can find us @PhlyingHighPod! 

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