PODRUNNER: INTERVALS -- Workout music for tempo-based exercise


Varied-BPM workout music mixes for runners, joggers, and power walkers, from the creator of Podrunner, the world's most popular workout mix series. These professionally designed, multi-week series are your training partner for 5K, 8K, and 10K runs, and much more.


PODRUNNER: INTERVALS -- Workout music for tempo-based exercise navigateright Episode

150 BPM - Three to One (45:15) (HIIT Parade #4)

This beginner-level HIIT workout consists of five full-out, 45-second exercises, each followed by a 15-second rest. Repeat this pattern three times. For links to HIIT exercises and a printable and customizable outline for this workout, see the entry at https://www.podrunner.com/varied-tempo.html. Donations, Merchandise, Newsletter, more: https://www.podrunner.com PLAYLIST: 01. Taach - Fast Track (Anton Stelz Redub) 02. Mark & Lucas - Our Home 03. Micfreak - Stay in House (Original Mix) 04. The Funk Philosopher - Rough Enough (Sonale Remix) 05. Oliver Bach - Weekend 06. Bryson Taylor & Nhexis - Believe (Original Mix) == Please support these artists == Podrunner is a registered trademark of Podrunner LLC. Music copyright © the respective artists. All other material ©2006, 2019 by Podrunner LLC. For personal use only. Any unauthorized reproduction, editing, exhibition, sale, rental, exchange, public performance, or broadcast of this audio is strictly prohibited.