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Radio Rebel Gael began as a podcast in the year of 2005, in the Bronx, NYC.

It has always been, since day one, dedicated to promoting the best Irish Music, including Celtic Rock, Irish Folk, Irish Trad, with a definite Fenian perspective, which is where it may differ from podcasters who may shy away from Irish Republican music or Fenian-inspired tunes, Radio Rebel Gael, on the other hand, favors this style of Irish music, seeing the word “Fenian” as a compliment. RSS Feed URL

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Title: Maológ


September 3rd, 2019

Radio Rebel Gael'sMaológFeaturing all of the best by :Black 47 (New York)Christy Moore(Newbridge, Co. Kildare)Clan Of Celts (London)Clear the Battlefield… Go to Episode