Reading Harry Potter with a Four-and-a-Half Year-Old


It's like an audiobook if audiobooks included commentary from a four-and-a-half year-old self-proclaimed "Harry Potter expert."


Reading Harry Potter with a Four-and-a-Half Year-Old navigateright Episode

Goblet of Fire: Chapter 11. Aboard the Hogwarts Express

Another late night staying up past bedtime reading Harry Potter. There's a lot of inadvertent misinformation in this one: I incorrectly attribute Ron's middle name (Bilius) to one of Molly's heroic brothers who died in the first Wizarding War against Voldemort, when actually he was named after a different uncle who was a sloppy drunk and died after seeing a Grim. Oops! I also do a horrible job explaining why trains need to have multiple cars. Eh, he'll probably turn out okay regardless. 


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