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Reality TV Hangover is the Survivor and Big Brother Podcast that turns coverage of your favourite strategic reality television shows into a party. New episodes are released every week and are meant to help you through any hangovers you might be experiencing. There’s no better way to recover than by listening to us! (Disclaimer: Reality TV Hangover is not a doctor.) This season we will be covering Survivor Kaoh Rong and Big Brother Canada 4. This summer, we will shift to coverage of Big Brother 18 and include some off-season Survivor coverage as well.

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Reality TV Hangover: Survivor & Big Brother Podcast navigateright Episode

Survivor 35 - Episode 10 Recap: #BoysNight ft. Bren

Get ready for a takeover!!! While Jenny is out of town, Colin recruited Celebrity Apprentice/Australian Survivor Correspondent Bren to recap the double episode of Survivor Heroes v Healers v Hustlers. In a first-ever Reality TV Hangover #BoysNight, we bro-down and recap an episode where we lost two bros, JP & Joe. Grab some beer, sports, and meat (that's what #BoysNights are all about, right?) and listen in.

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