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197. Powerful Bar Promotions to Attract New Customers W/Nick Fosberg

The Bar is the “One” place in your restaurant where you can really make money. Labor dollar for dollar and for the amount of time it takes to pour a drink versus preparing a menu item, your bar provides serious profit. You want to fill your bar all day long day in and day out. Problem is, most restaurant and bar owners are Not maximizing their Marketing Firepower! Well in this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast I’m speaking with Nick Fosberg, a bar and restaurant marketing Guru and a multi-unit owner/ operator himself. Stay tuned and Listen to Nick to find out: - The Most Effective Promotions to Attract New Customers in 2020 - What most owners do for marketing and Why it Doesn’t Work! - The How & Why of List Building and Lead Generation - The power of what he calls the “Viral Offer Promotional Campaign” We also discuss the Pros & Cons of “Discounts”, how to strategize a discount without diminishing your brand or the value of your products and the Profitable ways of Advertising your promotions this year. Don’t miss this episode and so many more immediately actionable takeaways for your operation. Now Go out there and Rock Your Restaurant or Bar! Roger LEARN MORE ABOUT RESTAURANT ROCKSTARS RESOURCES: HOW TO START A MUG CLUB: