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198. Health Driven Eats Equals Marketing Success w/Powerhaus Pizza

We’re all looking for a Marketing Edge… one that not only drives business, but builds your Brand! Sometimes it’s elusive and we brainstorm endlessly and scratch our heads, but sometimes like a bolt of lightning the idea is right there in front of us. In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast I’m speaking to Anisha Blodgett of Powerhaus Pizza. She set out to start a health & wellness business, Not a restaurant! Funny how the stars aligned and her brainchild became a wholesome, holistic and organic eatery featuring pizza, salads, smoothies and other “Good for You” treats. Not only that but her choice of location perfectly aligns with her youthful, health-conscious customer. There are so many learnings and “key-takeaways” in this episode. We’ll talk about staff on boarding and training, catering and other profit centers, brand-building and the importance of community service and giving back to those who support your business. This is how to start a restaurant and how to run a successful restaurant business. Listen on then go out there and Rock Your Restaurant! Roger Learn More About How to Maximize your Restaurant’s Sales + Profits: Set Up A Free Consult Call With Roger: