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203. Greater Efficiency And Profits At Your Fingertips

This crisis has hit us all like a ton of bricks, and we can either cry in our soup (pardon the pun) or kick some A! Now that our restaurants are either idle or we’re offering limited service, we have a choice. We can either muddle along and hope for the best when things get back to more of a normal, or we can create a whole new game plan today and improve your operation for greater efficiency and greater profit! Chances are you may have more time now than you did pre-Covid to actually plan and execute. So listen up. In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, Tony Smith the CEO and Co-Founder of Restaurant365 will show us an All-in-1 system for your restaurant that consolidates your Accounting, Inventory, Scheduling, Sales Reporting and Manager Logs, so you have all this info at a moments glance at your fingertips… Its also Cloud-based so you can see it from anywhere. The on boarding is straight forward and its a quick learning curve. I met Restaurant365 at the NRA Show a few years back and I was really impressed with their demo. The product has only improved since then with greater capabilities. You can get your own Free Demo at Our industry is really rallying together to help each other through this challenge with special offers and concessions to get us all back on our feet. Restaurant365 is offering its “Smart Labor & Scheduling” system to any restaurant FREE for 4 months, plus the value-added of free informational webinars, a “Break-Even Calculator (I’m a huge fan of that one) and consultations with Restaurant365 partners. Listen on then go out there and Rock Your Restaurant! Roger More Tools & Resources at: