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204. Restaurants Share Covid-19 Aftermath & Solutions

The Government has all but shut us down, and returning to days of normal is still out of sight for most of us. We’re scrambling for a new plan and that plan keeps shifting day by day. What to do next? In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast I speak with George Deeb of George and I originally recorded an episode on all things furniture for your operation (stay tuned for this in a future episode), but then the crisis hit and George sent out a Covid-19 Survey to 30,000 restaurants and the results are telling. We’ll talk about how the industry has been hit: - From the largest international chains to single location everyday operators - Sales Declines and some surprising upswings - Closings and Pivots - Relief Loans and Grants - The critical numbers you need to know and of course how this industry is rallying together to not only support each other, but what to expect for the future. If your restaurant has been closed and you’re planning for a re-opening, its a whole new way of doing business. Stay tuned and stay well. Roger MORE RESTAURANT RESOURCES: WWW.RESTAURANTROCKSTARS.COM