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In a new move for this series, Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast is provided in video format for no cost (to you). It’s ad-libbed and unedited and largely unplanned - the conversations can go off on all kinds of comedic tangents, or be serious. Recorded in front of a paying audience. If you would like to support the production then please donate to our badge fund here -


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Matt Forde RHLSTP #212

Richard explains why he is constantly upsetting businesses who ask him to fill in surveys, before meeting this week’s guest, impressionist and satirist, who is still unable to write jokes about the future, Matt Forde. Find out about the extraordinary day where Matt was mentioned in parliament, diagnosed with a surprising disease and chased down the street by a spitting Finn, the rollercoaster of verbal abuse of being a child mascot for Nottingham Forest in 1993, whether Nottingham has anything that isn’t imaginary to be proud of, interviewing Blair and Farage, March based predictions for what will be happening in May, how topical it is possible to be and how broken the political system might be and how 650 idiots might save it. Plus a doctor’s blasé remedy for a fatal allergy and the hubris of claiming you know everything about Mark Lawrenson.